Välkommen - Welcome - أهلا بك - Willkommen - Καλώς ήλθατε - Benvenuto - ようこそ - Bienvenue -

The C14 subway train, affectionately known as “gamla bettan,” has been a sought-after canvas for Swedish graffiti artists for decades. 

Our latest release of decks and apparel draws inspiration from this iconic yet soon to be decommissioned train in Stockholm. The collection pays homage to C14’s legacy and its significant influence on the city’s subcultures. The train itself has been immortalized on each deck by Finsta.


Eva is a company run by three generations of skateboarders.
Our goal is to respectfully try to represent all that was, is and will become skateboarding.

No matter if you have been with skateboarding from the beginning or have just taken your first couple of pushes, Eva is here for you!